Golf Balls We Buy

We buy used golf balls: all makes and models of legal, playable quality balls—whether found on land or in water.

We buy used golf balls
Used golf balls we buy

We buy any combinations of Ace, Bridgestone, Callaway, Galaxy, Maxfli, Monster, Nike, Nitro, Noodle, Pinnacle, Pro V1x, Slazenger, Snell, Srixon, Taylor Made, Titleist, Top Flite, Wilson, Vice, Volvik, any many other used golf balls.

Balls we cannot buy include manufactured range balls, cut and out-of-round golf balls, antique dimple such as old balata balls/old signature, and golf balls with inconsistent coloring (such as golf balls exposed to the sun or water, discoloring part of the ball).

We are used golf ball buyers!

Why Sell to Us?

Save Time & Effort

We make it really easy for you to sell used golf balls. Many used golf ball buyers require you to find boxes, count lots of 300 or 600 balls, and ship them yourself. They make it sound like it’s not much work and try to console you by providing shipping labels. No thanks! Make it easy on yourself. We come to you and we’ll do the heavy lifting. You don’t need to clean, count, or ship your used golf balls.

Our Process

Payment in Full

We pay you in full before we part ways. The other guys ask you to ship your used golf balls to them first—maybe giving you a token payment up front and maybe not. They might say that if your used golf balls exceed the initial payment value, you could expect another unspecified check. This often results in less money in your pocket and is risky at best!

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Trust & Integrity

Owner Steve Helms and his team have harvested and recycled millions of golf balls across the United States over the past 50 years. We are based in sunny San Antonio, Texas and happily provide you with our names and our physical address before we buy your used golf balls. (Many of our competitors don’t disclose this simple information.)

About Us

Our Process

Wondering where to sell your used golf balls? We purchase used golf balls anywhere in the USA, assuming sufficient quantity. We come to you and pay you in full before leaving. We prefer bulk quantities of at least 5,000 balls, but may consider smaller quantities if there are other sellers in your area. If you live in a very remote region of the country, we will work hard to find others with second chance golf ball accumulations in order to make the trip worthwhile for everyone.

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Once we receive your information, we may request several close-up digital photos showing your actual used golf balls (so we can see the quality, color, variety, etc.). Then we will provide you with a quote for your used golf balls, or send over any questions that might arise. Should you decide to sell your used golf balls to us, we’ll then communicate further with you on logistics and scheduling.


    About Us

    Company owner Steve Helms has been a self-professed, addicted ball hawk since he was eight years old. Growing up on the 11th hole at Montaup Country Club in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, the home became a major dogleg but was perfect to vend golf balls, Kool-Aid, and eventually soda. Steve learned strong work ethic, business skills, and how to work with brothers and sisters as a team.

    Used golf ball buyer
    Golf ball buyer

    Steve later joined the military, received additional schooling, and undertook the various responsibilities of adult life. But he never forgot his golf ball hawking days as a child and would still get “in the bushes” whenever he could.

    Steve recognized the reality of golf ball recycling as a huge untapped business, lacking only contacts and logistical supply chains. So he quit his “regular” job and became a risk taker and small business owner—the foundation of the America economy.

    Underwater Golf Ball Recovery remains family-owned and operated. We still possess the qualities, special touches, and work ethic of the old days. Yes, we admit, we do things the old-fashioned way.

    Over the years, we have been responsible for harvesting and recycling literally millions of golf balls from all over the country. You can say we’ve been in business over 50 years!

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